Press release
On September 2, 2021, the loan agreement and the guarantee agreement for 140 million euros were signed. D3 consulting team provided structuring, negotiation support and assistance in developing the necessary documentation.

D3 consulting partner Artem Kuznetsov notes: “Conlcusion of the agreements was preceded by 2 years of difficult negotiations with international partners. With experience in attracting EBRD financing, we were able to establish effective communication with international partners, that finally allowed us to sign the final loan agreement on September 2. "

The funds raised as a result of the agreement will be aimed at improving efficiency and reliability of the heat and power complex of Kyiv and the quality of heating and hot water supply services, increasing electricity production volumes.

For more information on the role of D3 consulting in the project, see here

ME "Kyivteploenergo"
Utility company that provides Kyiv with heat and hot water supply. One of the largest producers of heat and electricity in Europe.

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