Press release
Under the Energy Security Project, the White Paper on the Transformation of District Heating in Ukraine was prepared with participation of D3 consulting experts.

The report describes the key challenges facing the district heating sector in Ukraine and the strategic actions that can contribute to its transformation.

Eugene Cherviachenko, partner of D3 consulting, emphasizes that “due to insufficient investment and low level of management, the district heating sector needs immediate modernization. In cooperation with USAID, we are trying to find options for such modernization, as well as developing and implementing other initiatives for the development of Ukraine's energy sector as a whole."

You can read the report at the link

Project of USAID (United States Agency for International Development), which works closely with the Government of Ukraine, the private sector and civil society to strengthen Ukraine's energy security and transform the country's energy sector into a modern driver of market-oriented and EU-integrated economic growth.

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