Press release
On December 17, D3 consulting organized the business game for Odgers Berndtson Ukraine, a leading company for the selection of senior executives and team performance appraisal (video review of business game).

Oleksiy Komlichenko, the partner at Odgers Berndtson, notes that "the game, developed and conducted by partners of D3 consulting, has become a good tool for developing employee skills and an integral part of the New Year's corporate party."

Eugene Cherviachenko, partner of D3 consulting, stressed that "participation in business games allows not only to acquire or improve professional skills, but also to find potential clients or partners."

The business game was developed based on actual events by the partners of D3 consulting. The game simulates real negotiations on the restructuring of a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy and needs to attract investment to recover from poor financial condition.

You can learn more about the business game here 

Odgers Berndtson 
An international consulting company that deals with leadership development: search and development of senior management, estimation of teams’ effectiveness and improvement of organizational efficiency. The company has 59 offices in 29 countries and has been present in Ukraine since 2017.

D3 consulting 
Association of highly qualified experts in the fields of management consulting, corporate finance and public administration. The company provides a wide range of services to achieve goals and maximize added value for customers. In addition, D3 consulting implements its own startups and conducts business games.