PSO termination for DH gas supplies:
key challenges for companies
(March, 2021)

The study provides analytical support to government bodies to design the post-PSO regulation for DH sector and corresponding action plan (in particular, legislative amendments) that will support mitigation risks of PSO termination for DH sector.

Tariff Setting in the District Heating Sector: Recommendations Based on International Experience
(February, 2021)

The study provides analysis of European models for DH tariffs regulation (legal setup, tariff setting procedures and methodologies) and provide recommendations for DH tariff reform in Ukraine based on international experience.

Supplying gas to Ukrainian households: assessment of business and regulatory environment (January 2021)

The study describes the market of gas supply to HHs after market liberalization, identifies key risks and provides recommendations for efficient functioning of gas suppliers and development of fair market competition.

Handbook for Homeowners Associations: Multifamily buildings renovation Program (June, 2020)

Principles and clear guidelines for HOAs to participate in the Multifamily buildings renovation Program of Energy Efficiency Fund.

Liberalization of the gas market in Ukraine: analysis of the current state and possible implications (April, 2020)

The study provides the analysis of the current situation at Ukrainian gas market and potential impact of the market liberalization on households and DH companies. It also describes options for gradual PSO lifting.

Options for large-scale installation of individual heat substations based on international best practices
(February, 2021)

The study Identifies barriers and provides recommendations for implementing large-scale installation of Individual Heat Substations (IHSs) as part of comprehensive DH sector reform.

Strategy of thermal renovation in central government buildings for the implementation of Article 5 of the Directive 2012/27/EU
(June, 2019)

Design and suggestion of the mechanism for implementation art. 5 of the Directive in Ukraine.

Role of subnational governments in implementing the national energy efficiency policy system in Ukraine (May, 2019)

The study analyzes the role of sub-national governments in implementing the national energy efficiency policy system in Ukraine and focus on implications for municipal energy management, energy and climate related urban planning, climate related urban mobility and municipal infrastructure investments in energy and transport.

Manual of operational procedures of State Energy Efficiency Fund (May, 2019)

Detailed description of key procedures and internal rules of State Energy Efficiency Fund for implementing Multifamily buildings renovation Program.

Transition to the new system of multifamily buildings management in Ukraine
(January, 2019)

In-depth analysis of the current house management market in Ukraine, including analysis of legislation, current relations models between homeowners and house managers, potential for market growth and recommendations for stakeholders.

Argumentarium for the Draft Law «On energy efficiency» (October, 2018) -----→

Justification for adoption of the Law "On Energy Efficiency", including detailed explanation of each article and its potential impact for Ukraine.

State Energy Efficiency Fund: key facts about the Program
(September, 2018)

Key facts and operational principles of the upcoming Multifamily buildings renovation Program of State Energy Efficiency Fund.

Energy efficiency system in Ukraine
(July, 2018)

Analysis of the energy efficiency system in Ukraine - current state, recommendations for further development, compliance with the national targets, international commitments of Ukraine and requirements of the EU Directives.

Argumentarium on the Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive in Ukraine (June, 2018)

Handout for political decision makers, public and private stakeholders. It aims at exemplifying required actions as well as economic and social benefits for Ukraine that will arise from proper implementation of the European EE Directive 2012/27/EU.

Potential of commercial lending to SMEs in biomass energy sector (November, 2017)

Analysis of key trends of RES industry worldwide and analysis of biomass market structure and potential, overview of current state of biomass energy sector financing in Ukraine and estimation of demand for commercial lending to SMEs in biomass energy sector.
The document is intended for financial institutions for structuring of financial products in biomass energy sector.

Improvement of Payment Discipline in the District Heating (July, 2017)

Analytical report with payment discipline analysis in the district heating sector of Ukraine, best international practices and recommendations.

The document was presented to MinRegion for further policy development.

Development of renewable energy sources in Ukraine (March, 2017) -----→

This report provides analysis of key trends in development of the renewable energy sources in Ukraine and abroad, overview of the current state of the energy sector and potential of the renewable energy in Ukraine, funding mechanisms, key barriers and recommendations for authorities.

Concept for 2-stage monetization of housing and utility subsidies (January, 2017)

Conceptual design and implementation road map for housing and utility subsidies monetization.

The document was used for the reform and as a basis for drafting corresponding CMU Resolutions.

Heating in housing and utilities sector: status and prospects (March, 2016) -----→

Analytical report with comprehensive overview of the current status and prospects of Ukrainian heating sector.

The document was prepared as a part of support to MinRegion and used for policy development and alignment of the technical assistance of international partners.

State Energy Efficiency Fund Concept (February, 2016) -----→

The first comprehensive concept of the State Energy Efficiency Fund developed based on best European practices.

The document was used for discussion and alignment between key Ukrainian and international stakeholders.

Mechanisms for financing energy efficiency measures in Ukraine (March, 2017) -----→

Comprehensive overview of the technical assistance and financial programs on the energy efficiency in Ukraine.

The document shall be used by MinRegion to improve coordination and efficiency of the available donors' support to the energy efficiency in Ukraine.

Development of municipal financing in Ukraine: international experience and recommendations (November, 2017)

«est international practices for municipal financing, current state and perspectives of municipal financing in Ukraine.
The report provides recommendations for development of municipal lending market in Ukraine.

Lithuanian and Polish experience for house management reform (November, 2019)

Detailed analysis of the house management reform in Lithuania and Poland, and key lessons learned for successful implementation in Ukraine.

Setting the agenda for further district heating reform in Ukraine (September, 2018)

Overview of the key recent developments in the district heating sector over the last years and possible reforms program.

Methodological recommendations for municipalities (November, 2017)

The report provides justification for implementing energy efficiency and renewables projects for municipalities, describes practical steps for municipalities to assess financing options for such projects with the focus on bank loans.
The document is intended to be used as a handbook for local authorities.

Decentralized heating in Ukraine: prospects and approaches for implementation
(March, 2017)

Comprehensive overview of the European experience on decentralized heating, justification and conditions for it's promotion in Ukraine.

The document shall be used by MinRegion to support the development of modern polices in the heating sector.

State Energy Efficiency Fund: Concept and Action Plan (May, 2016)

Updated concept of State Energy Efficiency Fund and action plan for implementation.

The document was used as a reference for drafting of legal acts directly related to the Fund.

White paper on DH transformation in Ukraine: analysis and recommendations
(August, 2020)

The purpose of the report is to describe key challenges for DH sector in Ukraine and strategic actions which can lead to its transformation.

Credit risk assessment of municipalities
(June, 2019)

Guidance for commercial banks institutions on creditworthiness assessment of municipalities, as well as key features of this type of lending for banks.

Аnalytical reports


Handbook for the preparation and implementation of sovereign projects with IFIs
(August 2021)

This handbook is designed for beneficiaries and responsible executors in order to provide practical recommendations and understanding on the preparation and implementation of sovereign IFI projects.

Heating of households not connected to district heating: current status, trends, challenges and prospects
(July 2021)

Analysis of developments for different types of heating, identification of factors that affect availability of heating. Providing appropriate recommendations ensuring availability of heating for population and CO2 emissions reductions.
The results of the study should become a basis for development of the holistic model of policy in the heating area.